Yateley Sandhurst Lake

The fishing complex at Yateley is world-famous and is widely considered to be one of the best day ticket carp lakes in the country.

Yateley Sandhurst lake is very well-known in the angling community and has been fished by some famous and well-known anglers over the years attempting to catch the stunning fish that patrol the water.

carp fishing near me Yateley Sandhurst lake

The gravel pit lake at Yateley Sandhurst is around 14 acres, ranging in depths of 2 - 10 ft making the lake relatively shallow compared to many other carp lakes.

Yateley Sandhurst lake contains 400 plus carp with the current carp record set at 45lb and the average weight around 26lb, providing some of the finest carp fishing in the UK.

Some of the older fish at Yateley Sandhurst are from the stocking back in 1998 where the average size of fish was 3lb. These fish are now averaging around 30lb with many pushing closer to the 40lb mark.

There have been several different strains of fish introduced at Yateley Sandhurst including Harrow, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl and some original Leney to offer a wide variety of characteristics. The Harrow strain has a history of pushing 50lb with the fish having large shoulders and big scales. The Sutton is a linear scaled strain and the original Leney offers an apple slice scale that is famous in the carp world.

The lake offers 31 different swims many of which are set in picturesque surroundings of mature woodlands and nature. 

carp fishing near me Yateley Sandhurst lake

As previously mentioned, the carp record at Yateley Sandhurst is 45lb but there has also been at least 10 different carp landed over the 40lb mark which just emphasises why this complex is so highly regarded in the carp community. 

Viewings of Yateley Sandhurst are available, please use the contact details below to arrange a viewing.

The lake at Yately Sandhurst also contains bream to 16lb plus and so this venue is not just for carp anglers.

Yateley Sandhurst is a stunning venue that must be fished by any specimen carp angler.

carp fishing near me Yateley Sandhurst lake


2 rods for 12 hours is £23

2 rods for 24 hours is £28

3 rods for 12 hours is £28

3 rods for 24 hours is £33


Yateley Sandhurst lake is a day ticket water and tickets must be purchased in advance from the Sandhurst lake website, details below, or the Crowthorne Angling Centre.

Crowthorne Angling Centre can be contacted on 01344 777411

No tickets to fish Yateley Sandhurst are sold on the bank so please make sure your purchase yours prior to fishing.


  • Cars are to be parked in the car parks provided. Unloading of equipment if permitted but cars should be moved to the car park ASAP 
  • Rods must be attended at all times
  • All anglers must have the correct rod license 
  • A maximum of 3 rods is allowed
  • Barbed or micro barbed hooks only
  • No zig rigs
  • No under 18's unaccompanied 
  • No guests
  • Fishing only permitted from designated swims
  • Fish are to be returned ASAP
  • All anglers must have a minimum 42" landing net, large unhooking mat and weigh sling to cater for 40lb plus fish
  • Ensure the fishes fins are flat against the body before lifting 
  • No bait boats
  • No antisocial behaviour 
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • No peanuts or preserved bait
  • All particle baits must be well soaked and used in moderation
  • No maggots
  • BBQ's are permitted with all litter taken away
  • Please keep the on-site toilets clean
  • All anglers must carry a carp care kit
  • Any dead or stressed fish are to be reported
  • No fish to be taken from the complex 
  • No live baiting 
  • Pike fishing is allowed from 1st October to 1st March 
  • The use of lights at night should be kept to a minimum 
  • No excessive noise
  • Please ensure your landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings are dry before entering the complex with dip tanks to be used before entry. 
  • No wading into the lake
  • Only safe rigs to be used, these will be checked by the bailiffs 
  • Anglers must fish their own water
  • No reserving of swims 
  • No braided mainline except for spod or marker rods 
  • If any of these rules are found to have been broken you will be asked to leave with no refund.

There are many rules at Yateley Sandhurst, but these are simple to follow and are in place to ensure everyone is safe, is able to enjoy their fishing and the fish are ready to fight another day.

Exclusive lake bookings are available with a minimum of 48 hours costing £1300 with a £300 deposit.

Images were taken from https://www.sandhurstlake.co.uk/

We are continually adding details about the fishery, be sure to check be often.

Fishing available

  • Carp
  • Bream

Contact Information

Yateley Sandhurst Lake

Swan Lane

Yateley, Hampshire

GU47 9DA

07766 416223

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