Orchid Lakes

Home of the thirties!

Orchid lakes are set south of Oxford near Dorchester-on-Thames and have a reputation for producing some stunning carp.

Fishing near me Orchid Lakes

There are two lakes to choose from, both former gravel pits that are well maintained. The lakes have stunning surroundings and are a joy to fish for any angler.

Orchid Lake offers one of the best chances of catching a 30lb plus carp in the UK on a day ticket. There are between 25 and 40 different 30lb plus fish in Orchid lake


£25 per 24 hours for each angler on Orchid lake

Club lake is priced at £10 per day, £15 per night and £20 per 24 hours. Juniors & Seniors is £8 per day


  • 2 rods on Club lake and 3 rods on Orchid lake
  • No keepnets or sacks 
  • All fish to be returned immediately 
  • Rods attended at all times 
  • Barbless hooks or micro barbed 
  • No nuts
  • Report all specimen catches
  • Bait boats are allowed 
  • No leaders

Carp Rules

  • No leaders or leadcore 
  • No braided mainline 
  • No fixed rigs
  • Please use a good size unhooking mat

Image is taken from http://www.orchid-lakes.co.uk/

We are continually adding details about the fishery, be sure to check be often.

Fishing available

  • Carp
  • Coarse
  • Catfish

Contact Information

Orchid Lakes

Abingdon Road

Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire

OX10 7LP

01865 341810

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