Carp fishing lakes near me

I think it will be useful to provide a list of carp fishing lakes near you, possibly in the county you live in, the local area or some fisheries you rate highly. It would be very useful to provide the following details if possible:

  • Details regarding the fishery and lakes, number of lakes etc
  • The size and species of fish. 
  • What level of skill the lakes require.
  • Tactics that have worked in the past or are recommended by the baliff etc.
  • Are the lakes day ticket?
  • Do they offer night fishing?
  • Any facilities these carp lakes offer. 
  • Include the website link and contact details if possible

Really hope this information can help us anglers out!




Asked by bencarper, 18 Aug 18
2 Answers

I live in Bedfordshire and there are a number of carp fishing lakes near me that I have fished day tickets and over night sessions.

Manor Farm Fisheries, Bedfordshire

One of my favourites is Manor Farm Fisheries located outside of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, just off the A1. 

The fishery offers around seven lakes varying in difficulty and can cater for beginner to experienced carp anglers. There are carp over 30lbs and also lots of smaller carp on the runs water ranging from 8lbs to 12lbs not to mention lots of other species including trout, chub, barbel, pike and bream. 

I usually fish on Becks lake which is one of the runs waters and have always caught multiple carp every time I have visited. I will normally fish using PVA solid bags filled with pellets and crushed boilies, simple KD rig and Mainline Cell boilies. If I am fishing in hot weather I will use an adjustable zig rig and again have caught many carp from this fishery using this method.

The lakes are set in stunning scenary and I find it a very relaxing place to be. The facilities are decent, with a complete tackle shop in case you forget anything. Highly recommended for all anglers.


Bluebells Lakes, Peterborough

I am sure most of you have heard of Bluebells Lakes. They claim to offer one of the best day ticket carp lakes in the country and I tend to agree with them. They have five lakes on offer with carp up to 50 lbs along with lots of 20lbs to 30 lbs carp depending on which lake you decide to fish.

I recently caught my PB at this place hence why I had to add this fishery. They have two big carp lakes called Swan and Kingfisher which are obviously harder to fish but the rewards will be much greater, there are some incredible looking big carp in these lakes. The other lakes Bluebell, Sandmartin and Mallard are well stocked and would be more suited for the less experienced anglers or if you just want to go and catch lots of carp. The lakes offer many species including bream, tench, chub, perch and roach along with some very big pike. 

I usually visit this place for a couple of nights and keep coming back. The scenary is stunning and I cant recommend this place enough. Check out the website for more details


Oxford Linear, Oxfordshire

Again, one you will all have heard about and probably fished so it has to be on the list. Funnily enough, they also claim to be one of the best day ticket fisheries in the country and along with Bluebells in Peterborough I think they have it covered. They have eleven lakes on offer with eight of those being day ticket waters. The carp record is around 48lbs so much like Bluebells they stock some seriously big carp. I normally fish St Johns lake and try to target the larger carp but there are many other species stocked across the lakes including tench, roach, bream, pike, perch and catfish.

Last time I fished Oxlease lake as St John was so busy and had several carp up to around 25 lbs, I caught all of these using a KD rig, Mainline Cell boilies topped with some plastic corn. I baited a clear spot and put out some spod mix consisting of broken Cell boilies, sweetcorn and different size pelletes. A very simple rig and approach to fishing but it did the business. 

Oxford Linear is very popular and so it can be very crowded and I have found the fishing slow at times, this could be down to the number of anglers or more likely my ability. Dont let this put you off though, you can catch big carp from this day ticket fishery set in stunning surroundings complete with good facilites.


Eaton Bray Park Farm, Bedfordshire

This place was recommended to me by a mate who caught some decent sized carp, around 20 lbs and it is very close to where I live. As the name suggests, the fishery is set on a farm just on the outskirts of Dunstable off the A5. 

The fishery offers three lakes; The Moat and The New Leisure Lake which are both stocked with carp, pike, rudd, roach, bream and tench. They are suitable for beginners.

We fished The Carp Lake which is set in the far corner of the farm. It is stocked with carp up to 30 lbs and they suggest is suited to more experienced anglers. I felt the scenery was lacking a bit of character as it was as if the lake was just put in the middle of a field with no trees or features. This may not bother some anglers but for me does make a difference in my experience. 

We had just purchased a load of Mainline Active 8 for the season and so this was our primary bait. We did catch a few smaller carp but nothing over 20 lbs. This is a very nice local lake to fish with the chance of bagging a 30 lbs fish, 

I would consider fishing this place again if I am limited for time and want a quick session. The night fishing is only for members.


Toddington fisheries, Bedfordshire

I really enjoy visiting this fishery. It is set in a very quiet rural location and has stunning scenery to fish in. The lake is stocked with a variety of coarse fish including bream, tench, perch, roach with carp to 22lbs and catfish to 37lbs. Night fishing is available upon request with details on the website. The carp are smaller than the other lakes I have mentioned but the setting alone is worth a visit and I have always caught lots of fish during my trips.


This is my initial list of carp fishing lakes near me , I will add more when I get a chance. I really hope other members add their local or favourite carp lakes and this thread can be used by other carp anglers in the future.


Posted by bencarper 18 Aug 18

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