Do you dump the lead after a take

I see lots of the professional carp anglers are dumping the lead on each take, which does seem odd to me. First of all, leaving leads at the bottom of the lake sounds like a horrible idea not to mention to cost of each one! I can see their point of view, removing the lead which could hamper in landing the fish. What does everyone think and do you guys drop the lead. Are there any alternatives that could please everyone, inline leads perhaps?

Will be interested to hear what you all think.

Asked by alwaysfishing, 30 Jul 18
4 Answers

I do not agree with purposely dumping the lead on each take. I much prefer to use a lead clip system that, if the fish gets snagged in the weeds the lead can drop off but only if necessary. It does seem a bit extreme to drop the lead every take especially when the actual need for the lead to be dropped would not occur that often. I am also really against dumping multiple leads at the bottom of the lake, which as you mention sounds like a terrible approach and surely not good for the lake and fish. I am really surprised that the pro anglers suggest this but I guess they get their tackle for free and want to remove any aspects that could lose them a fish. I have a small selection of leads and do not plan on buying more anytime soon.

Posted by bencarper 04 Aug 18

I tend to agree with the points made so far. But I do want to mention the positive points with dropping the lead. When you get a take and you are not dropping the lead, this dead weight is putting pressure of the hook hold and could have an impact on the chances of landing the fish. If you drop the lead, you just have the line straight through to the fish and there is no extra pressure on the hook. Having said that, I would still prefer to use a clip system or inline lead which is based around not wanting to leave leads on the lake bed and the cost involved in purchasing new tackle.

Posted by utdmad 04 Aug 18

I never intentionally drop the lead, I use a Korda lead clip system which is loosly pushed on with some saliva to ensure it can drop off easily if the fish get caught in weed. Never push the clip on to far which can stop the system from functionality as designed. I can only ever recall one instance where I landed a fish and the lead was lost. I think this highlights the lead clip systems work very well if setup correctly and would seem to be the best of both worlds. The Korda lead clip system also allow for the lead to be dropped by the fish if the mainline was to snap, which I think is a very nice design.

Posted by bigjohn 04 Aug 18

I prefer to drop the lead on each take. I like to know when I am playing a fish there is no lead swinging around that could impact the hook hold. When the lead is dropped all there is between the rod and the hook is the main line, this give me more confidence in landing the fish. The cost implications mentioned above are not really a concern for me, the cost of around £1.60 per lead is minor if that means I land a new PB. All the leads are coated and sealed in plastic so I don't think there will be any danger to the carp or lake.

Posted by carperman 04 Aug 18