10 Things They Do Not Tell You About Fishing

29 Dec 21


Many people have a delightful image in their heads when you mention fishing.

Perhaps sitting on a riverbank basking in the sun without a care in the world, just waiting for your rod tip to give an indication you have hooked a fish.

While this, of course, is a possibility, many non-anglers are unaware of some of the lesser-known facts that come with fishing. 

You need to get up very early

More often than not, the best times to catch fish are at dawn and dusk meaning you need to get up very early or stay late to put yourself in with a decent chance of landing fish. You will find yourself travelling to your choice of venue before most people have even climbed out of bed. If you are not a morning person, perhaps fishing is not for you!

You need to get used to bad weather

Most of us cannot wait for a hot summers day to get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts. In fact, this type of weather can be one of the worst times to try and catch certain species of fish. An example is carp fishing, when hot summer days, when the temperatures are high, often leads to slow and difficult fishing. Not all is lost, you can still bask in the good weather while relaxing on the bank, it could be a lot worse!

10 things they don't tell you about fishing

You will feel very dirty

Whatever type of fishing you are doing I can guarantee you will leave at the end of the session feeling dirty and in desperate need of a shower. From handling stinky fishing bait to slimly fish, you will not be looking or smelling your best but hopefully, a day catching lots of fish or just relaxing will make it all worthwhile.

You can spend a lot of money

The amount of fishing tackle available on the market for all types of fishing is extraordinary and you could spend a small fortune purchasing the latest gadget or piece of fishing tackle from your favourite manufacturer. It is worth bearing in mind that you don't need to spend a lot of money to be successful and catch fish but many people choose to have the best and most expensive tackle money can buy. So don't get too carried away, it really is not necessary!

You will get frustrated

You will have days where you spend hour upon hour trying your hardest to catch fish but to no avail. This will happen more often than you think but don't let this dishearten you, it will just make catching fish even more special and exciting. If catching fish was easy you would get bored very quickly.

There is a huge offering for anglers

Angling is a hugely popular hobby and sport which offers a wide range of opportunities across the globe. Fishing in rivers, lakes or the ocean fulfils all anglers with any desire they have. Do some research in your local area and see what fishing is available, I am sure you will be surprised as to what is on offer.   

You could get hooked

Many people who start fishing, quickly become obsessed and get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it. Not only from the actual fishing but the social side of things, which is a big draw for many. You can find yourself devoting all of your spare time to your new hobby with many anglers really making fishing a big part of their lifestyle. From reading books, posting on fishing forums to even making their own baits, the list really is endless and you can see how many anglers find a great deal of passion and pleasure from fishing.

Fishing holiday

Make a holiday of it

Many anglers will dedicate a week each year travelling on a fishing holiday. In the UK, for instance, many anglers travel to the likes of France and even as far as Thailand for some extreme fishing, catching some huge and epic looking fish. I urge you to check these out just to see some of these beasts. 

Catching fish is only part of the experience

Many anglers take a great deal of pleasure from just being out on the river bank or wherever else they are fishing. Being out in nature is very relaxing and is an escape from modern-day life for many. For some, catching fish is a bonus and taking in the scenery and nature offers more than enough to keep them coming back over and over again.

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