Best Carp Fishing Line to Catch More Carp (Updated)

29 Dec 21


Choosing a carp fishing line is something you must get right if you want to maximise your chances of landing that big carp of a lifetime.

Imagine hooking into a big carp you have been targeting, only to lose the fish from a break in your carp fishing line!

By using the best carp fishing line for your needs you can minimise the chances of things going wrong and increase your chances of success.

We have recommended several carp fishing lines for a variety of different fishing situations so you can invest wisely and make sure you get it right.

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Features of the best carp fishing lines

carp fishing setup

There are several very important factors to be taken into account when deciding which is the best carp mainline and the right type of line for your fishing.


This is the tensile strength, rated in pounds (lbs), of the carp fishing line which is sometimes known as the breaking strain. Depending on the type of fishing will determine which strength you require.

An example in carp fishing would be the size of carp you are targeting. If you are fishing a venue say with the largest carp around 20lb, a carp fishing line of 12lbs would be sufficient. If the venue contains larger fish or the lake is weedy you might want to consider increasing the breaking strain to say 15lbs. Adapt to the fishing situation would be a great piece of advice to follow in this scenario.

Abrasion Resistance

This is the general wear and tear the carp fishing line can handle. The wear and tear is often caused by snags or debris under the water.

Carp, for example, when hooked will often try and swim towards these features so having an abrasion-resistant line is very important. If you are fishing clear water with no debris, this is not as important but still worth considering when making the final decision.

carp fishing lake


When you cast out your carp rig the carp fishing line needs to be as invisible as possible to ensure the fish are not spooked.

Many carp fishing lines are available in green or brown to match the lake bottom you are fishing over. Some are also available in a clear finish to suit multiple lake beds.

If you line stands out you will lessen your chances of catching any fish. Fluorocarbon, for example, is virtually invisible in the water. Fluorocarbon is often considered the best carp line for clear water.

How Far Can the Line be cast?

The best casting carp line will have a lower diameter, it's as simple as that. Carp fishing line with a lower diameter will be easier to cast greater distances, so you need to determine how far out you plan on fishing and buy your carp fishing line accordingly.

If you are unable to cast your carp rig the required distance, you will not catch any fish so this is massively important.

How Does the Line Sink?

When your carp rig is cast out you need to ensure the carp fishing line sinks and sit correctly on the lake bed.

The best sinking carp fishing line needs to also be supple as to not be sat upright, which will spook any fish. You also want to make sure it sinks quickly, again to not unsettle any fish in your swim.

A fluorocarbon carp fishing line will sink very quickly and this type of mainline is considered the best sinking carp line

Length of mainline

If you have several big pit carp reels, for instance, they will require several hundred metres of carp fishing line which can add up quickly.

Make sure you know how much mainline you require for your carp reels and try to buy your carp fishing line in bulk which will save you lots of money. Many of the carp fishing lines we recommend are available in bulk spools of 1000m or more.

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Types of Carp Fishing Line

There are three main types of carp fishing line and we'll provide an overview of each to make it clear.


fishing tackle box

Fluorocarbon is a heavy carp fishing line that sinks like a brick and is very abrasion-resistant. Often considered the best sinking carp line, it will last you much longer than monofilament thanks to its resistance to UV light damage, a big consideration when spooling up for a new season.

It is not as stretchy as monofilament which makes it perfect for sensitive bites from shy carp. Fluorocarbon has a quality which makes it virtually invisible in water regardless of the diameter, making it the best carp line for clear water.

Monofilament or Mono

This type of carp fishing line is constructed from a single piece of Nylon and is usually very good value for money as it is cheap to produce. Monofilament is often popular with carp anglers and their first line of choice.

This type of carp fishing line is easily dyed and is usually available in green or brown to match the lake bed you are fishing over. Monofilament also stretches and can offer you a cushion-like quality when striking a fish. This type of carp fishing line is also the best line for surface carp fishing as it is very buoyant, perfect for carp fishing in hot weather.


carp fishing equipment

Braided carp fishing line is dense, supple and incredibly strong thanks to its construction of multiple strands of material. Often used for big carp with the strength quality is possesses and for distance casting which it excels at.

Many carp anglers will use braid for spod and marker rods as it will maintain its qualities even from constant re-casting. Braid is also used for creating simple carp rigs where both coated and non-coated braid is perfect for this purpose. Check your venue's rules as many do not allow for braided mainline, which is the main reason why we are not recommending any braided carp line in our selection.

Now we have explained the feature of good carp mainline and the different types available, let's get into the good stuff and start discovering our top choices. We have tried to recommend several fishing lines to cover multiple different types of fishing which we hope will suit the majority of anglers no matter what type of lake they are tacking.

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Daiwa Hyper Sensor - Best Carp Fishing Line on a Budget

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Daiwa Hyper Sensor Best Carp Fishing Line

Daiwa Hyper Sensor is similar to the Daiwa Sensor carp fishing line but has a much-reduced diameter which provides higher abrasion resistance and is less visible in the water. All traits that make this fishing line very appealing to anglers.

Available in 6lb to 30lb to cover multiple different fishing styles and also in bulk packages, saving overall cost which is very useful when spooling up your big pit carp reels. You can get Daiwa Hyper Sensor in the familiar dark brown or a dark grey finish depending on the lake bed you are fishing over.

The diameter of this carp fishing line makes it one of the best casting lines for carp fishing which is a big consideration in relation to the venues you are fishing. Daiwa Hyper Sensor is great for large venues and snaggy, weedy lakes.

Daiwa Sensor Customer Review:

Strong, thin, great value fishing line. Excellent quality will buy again
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Korda SUBline - Best Carp Fishing Line for Weed

. Check Prices


Korda Subline Best Carp Fishing Line for weed

Subline Korda carp line is a super tough, fast sinking monofilament that is available in brown or green to suit your carp fishing requirements. Incredible abrasion resistance and strength makes the Korda Subline excellent for snags or weedy lakes.

This carp fishing line also sinks like a brick and gives confidence that is it very well disguised from the carp. Available in 1000m bulk spools to effectively fill multiple carp reels. Team Korda have designed Subline to cope with all extreme carp fishing requirements and has surpassed all of the lab tests it has been put through.

If you fish a snaggy, gravel terrain or heavy weed lake this is the line for you. Our choice for best abrasion-resistant fishing line and best fishing line for weedy or snaggy lakes.

Korda SUBline Customer Review:

I used Korda Subline recently and frankly it outperformed a lot of equivalent products with ease. It is a product I was very impressed with
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Korda Touchdown Line

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Korda Touchdown Best Carp Fishing Line

Korda touchdown line is an interesting concept from Team Korda and has been designed with feeling the lead down in mind. This feature has been achieved by decreasing the stretch whilst maintaining the strength and abrasion resistance.

Also available in a dark brown or green mono, this carp fishing line sinks well and has great knot strength. Korda Touchdown line is available in 10lb or 15lb to suit your carp fishing and is produced in 1000m bulk spools.

This is another top quality product from Korda and is a carp fishing line you really need to try to witness how good it is.

Korda Touchdown Customer Review:

No surpise, a superb main line from Korda. Having used this last week casting feels better and less stretchy so you can be spot on with the areas you want to fish. I had to play a carp through some snags and this main line got me past it with no hassle. Highly recommended!
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Gardner GT-HD - Best Carp Fishing Line for Strength

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Gardner GT-HD Best Carp Fishing Line for knot strength

We are big fans of Gardner carp fishing line and especially the GT-HD monofilament series. Gardner GT-HD is comprised of a copolymer made from high-grade materials which reduces stretch in the fishing line.

This reduction in stretch allows Gardner GT-HD to provide excellent feedback when feeling down the lead and allowing you as the angler to build up an image in your mind of the type of lake bed you are fishing over depending on the response you receive. Gardner GT-HD has superb knot strength and abrasion resistance making it a great candidate for snaggy bottoms.

Being a monofilament also ensure GT-HD sinks like a brick ensuring the carp fishing line is hidden from carp or any other fish you plan on targeting. Available in a low visibility green provide this line with good camouflage in the water.

Gardner GT-HD Customer Review:

Great line, comes off the reel well with no memory coils like some lines I have used. Very good easy to use line with strong knots
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Berkley Big Game - Budget Carp Fishing Line Runner Up

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Runner Up
Berkely Big Game Best Budget Carp Fishing Line

Berkley Big Game fishing line provides excellent value for money whilst maintaining good quality and features. Berkley Big Game is hugely popular with many different types of anglers from carp to pike, this fishing line is massively versatile and can be used in lots of different fishing scenarios. This is a monofilament type fishing line that sinks very well to settle over any lake bed.

Available in green or a clear finish to suit the lake bed you are fishing over. For the money, Berkley Big Game can compete with other monofilament type carp fishing lines that are twice the price.

Excellent knot strength which sinks very quickly and with high abrasion resistance. A carp fishing line that deserves all of the accolades it has received over the years and it will continue with its huge success.

Berkley Big Game Customer Review:

Great line, comes off the reel well with no memory coils like some lines I have used. Very good easy to use line with strong knots
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Fox Exocet Line - Overall winner of Best Carp Fishing Line

. Check Prices


Fox Exocet Overall Best Carp Fishing Line 2019

Fox Exocet line is described as a distance casting monofilament, which is achieved by its very low diameter. Casting long distances with this fishing line is a breeze and is one we consider in the category of best casting line for carp fishing.

Another excellent feature is its low visibility in the water making it is virtually invisible, a great trait for clear water.

As we mentioned, the Fox Exocet line has very low diameter but maintains great knot strength and abrasion resistance. This carp fishing line also has low memory and is very supple making it very friendly to work with.

Available in 1000m spools to fill a set of three carp fishing rods this works out at good value for money with the performance this carp fishing line offers. I think Fox Exocet line is a carp fishing that performs incredibly well in multiple scenarios.

Best carp line for clear water? We think so!

Fox Exocet Line Customer Review:

Great line, comes off the reel well with no memory coils like some lines I have used. Very good easy to use line with strong knots
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There are many contenders to the best carp fishing line crown and rightly so.

I would determine the type of carp fishing you will be doing the most and buy accordingly. All of the recommendations we have made are superb products that will increase your chances of landing carp.

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