Best Carp Fishing Scales (Updated)

29 Dec 21


Once you have landed that big carp you have spent months targeting, you want to see how much the fish weighs in at, as accurately as possible.

A new PB could come down to ounces and so your carp fishing scales must be accurate.

Features of the best carp fishing scales

Well, let's start with the obvious one, accuracy. The carp fishing scales must be as accurate as possible to ensure you get the most precise weight of the carp you have landed. You could have captured a carp of a lifetime and you want to get the exact weight of the fish, a new PB could come down to ounces.

Maximum weight of the carp fishing scales. You can purchase carp fishing scales that record anything from 20lbs right up to 120lb with 2oz to 4oz increments.

If you are fishing in the UK, the carp fishing scales that cater to weight up to 60lbs would cover the majority of fish that can be caught. If you are carp fishing in France, for example, you will be targeting fish that can easily push the 60lb mark and so the 120lb set would make more sense. Let's take a venue such as Gigantica, owned by carp fishing legend Danny Fairbrass, this venue has multiple fish over 60lbs, 70lbs and even 80lbs meaning the bigger carp fishing scales are a must.

Cost, like any piece of carp fishing equipment, can range dramatically. Carp fishing scales can be purchased for under £20 and well over £60. There are multiple great quality carp fishing scales available, all of which we will recommend and discuss in more detail later in the article.

Aesthetics are important for many carp anglers, I will include myself in that bracket. Some carp equipment has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing which usually comes with an inflated price.

Digital or Analogue, self-explanatory really with some anglers having a preference over the other.

What type of batteries do the carp fishing scales require and are they provided?

Of course, analogue scales will never require batteries which is a big plus, there is nothing worse than running out of power when you are out on a carp fishing session.

Ergonomics are very important with carp fishing scales.

How easy are the scales to pick up when trying to weight a big carp?

How easy is the display or pointer needle to read in low-light conditions?

Reliability, carp fishing scales tend to end up on the floor and often get wet and covered in mud or dirt. You want to ensure the carp fishing scales are rugged and will last for many years.

Let's not waste any more time. Check out our recommendations for best carp fishing scales.


Korda Carp Fishing Scales from Reuben Heaton


best carp fishing scales Korda

We are starting off at the top end of the carp fishing scale market, with the exceptional Korda carp fishing scales.

A collaboration from the carp fishing scale experts at Reuben Heaton, these analogue scales are awesome in every way.

These stunning carp fishing scales are finished in a carpy green shell with high-vis green tip pointer needle, making the scales highly readable in low-light conditions.

As we know, the Reuben Heaton carp fishing scales are highly accurate from years of development.

The scales are available in both 60lb or 120lb version to cater for any size carp you are fishing for.


  • Highly accurate weighing in low-light conditions
  • Aesthetically stunning in carpy green
  • Reliable and designed to last
  • Available in 60lb & 120lb


NGT T-bar Carp Fishing Scales


best carp fishing scales NGT

These NGT digital scales are a fantastic offering for under £20

The NGT Carp fishing scales are designed with a T-bar style handle for easy weighing of big carp

Up to 110lb weight

The NGT scales come with a large LCD display with the format of both pounds and kilograms, complete with a facility to store the largest weight which is a nice touch


  • T-bar handle for easy weighing
  • Large display
  • Store the largest weight
  • Auto shut off after 1 minute
  • Up to 110lb weight


Wychwood T-bar Carp Fishing Scales


Wychwood best carp fishing scales

Another big name in the carp fishing industry, Wychwood produce everything from clothing to carp fishing scales

These Wychwood carp fishing scales come with a T-bar handle for easy weighing of big carp

Up to 60lb in weight to handle 99% of the carp available in the UK

The Wychwood fishing scales have been calibrated for accuracy and can display both pounds and kilograms along with the facility to store 10 different weights to cover different species of carp.


  • T-bar design
  • Up to 60lb weight in both pounds and kilograms
  • Night light
  • Memory function with 10 slots
  • Highly calibrated for improved accuracy


Fox Digital Carp Fishing Scales


best carp fishing scales Fox digital

Fox is one of the UK's leading carp fishing tackle manufacturers and has produced are a superb set of digital carp fishing scales.

These carp fishing scales can weigh fish up to 60lb in weight in a highly accurate manner.

The Fox scales come with a large backlit screen for excellent readability in low-light conditions and can display both pounds and kilograms.

The Fox carp fishing scales are simple to operate which is exactly what you need after you have landed a carp.


  • Highly accurate carp fishing scales from a leading tackle manufacturer
  • Up to 60lb in weight
  • Large backlit display, perfect for low-light conditions
  • Independently sealed electronics for increased reliability
  • On/Off button for increased battery life


Dr Meter Carp Fishing Scales


best budget carp fishing scales digital

The fishing scales from Dr Meter are not strictly for carp fishing but at this price, around £10, cannot be overlooked.

The fishing scales are good for carp up to 50lb with an LCD display that can show weight in pounds or kilograms

The built-in auto-off feature will ensure you get the most life out of the batteries as possible.


  • Great price, under £10
  • up to 50lb weight
  • High quality build with metal hand strap
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Built-in tape measure



Like most carp fishing equipment, you can buy carp fishing scales on a budget or push to more high-end products with each price bracket offering superb features. We love the Korda carp fishing scales and would recommend these scales as the best carp fishing scales but the other products from Fox and the lesser-known budget brands are excellent in their own right.

Don't forget your carp fishing weighing sling

Hope you enjoyed this article, see you next time.

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