The Best Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rods (Updated)

29 Dec 21


Using a spod and marker carp rod is a way to enhance your fishing and I would urge any carp angler to invest in both a spod and marker carp fishing rod.

In this article, we are going to first explain what exactly spod and marker fishing rods are used for and provide you with the recommendation for the best spod and marker carp fishing rods.

Let’s get started.

What is a spod fishing rod?

A spod carp fishing rod is solely used to cast out bait to an area you are fishing. This bait is often a combination of various types of carp fishing bait mixed together, from boilies and sweetcorn to tuna and particles. This mixture of carp bait is often called a spod mix.

Check out our article - The Best Carp Spod Mix for ideas.

The spod mix is cast out using a spod bomb, which is a torpedo-like shape that can hold a good amount of bait, this will vary based on the size. When the spod bomb hits the waters, it will open up allowing all the carp bait to be distributed into the lake.

spod bomb

A spod carp fishing rod is much stiffer than a standard rod which assists the anglers when casting. This stiffness is indicated by the test curve. The higher the test curve the more powerful the rod and in theory the easier it will be to cast to a further distance. To determine which test curve is best for you is really down to the distance you need to cast. 

What is a marker fishing rod?

A marker rod is used for a couple of reasons.

The first is to determine what type of lake bed you are fishing over

So how is this achieved?

You will attach, to the end of your fishing, line a heavy lead weight and a very buoyant float. You can purchase marker kits that contain all the end tackle you need. You will cast this out and drag the weight over the lake bed and feel the response up the fishing line. This will tell you if the lake bed contains weed, silt, gravel etc. 

Based on this, you can adjust your end tackle to suit that particular environment. For example, you should use a weedy green coloured carp rig to blend in and perhaps fish a chod rig over a weedy lake. 

The floating part of a marker rod will determine the depth you are fishing at and also indicate exactly where you are fishing indicated by the brightly coloured nose. 

After you cast out, the float will be at the bottom of the lake. If you set up the marker rod correctly, you will be able to let your fishing line out and track the distance until you see the float appear on the surface. 

Once you have this visible, you can then use this as a target for your spod fishing rod when casting your bait out. This will ensure you keep your carp bait in the same area and can fish over a tightly baited spot, very critical.

Important point - using a marker and spod fishing rod will cause a disturbance in the water which will potentially scare away any carp. I tend to use a marker and spod rod when I am fishing longer sessions.

Features of a spod and marker fishing rod

Casting power - spod and marker fishing rods will have a higher test curve meaning they have more power allowing the angler to cast great distances.

Cost - an important factor to consider when purchasing any carp equipment. The recommendations feature some well-priced rods that will not break the bank.

Other accessories - you will also need to consider spod and marker fishing reels, fishing line (or in most cases braid) and end tackle. This is good to keep in the back of your mind as these components do increase the costs.

Some of the recommendations come as part of a kit that contains a spod or marker fishing rod, reel and braid. This is often much more effective cost-wise.

Sonik Vader X 12ft Spod Marker Rod + Spod Reel With Braid Carp Fishing


Sonik Vadar X Best Spod and Marker carp fishing rod
The Sonik Vadar X Carp Fishing Marker/Spod Rod is lightweight, slim and can cast a very long distance, ideal for a spod and marker fishing rod.
The Sonik Vadar X fishing rods have also been a recommendation for best carp fishing rod in our other article.
Finished in matt black to provide a wonderful aesthetic appearance, giving these carp rods a premium feel. These rods offer top performance and superb value for money
The spool design gives smooth and long-distance casting and the ultra-fast retrieval rate makes it ideal for spodding. 
The Spod reel comes complete with 200m of 30lb braided line and with up to 1.1m of line retrieved with every handle turn, this is a very efficient reel for spodding. This will save you so much effort!
Sonik Vadar X Rods are also available on their own, however, the package combo is a far better deal

. Check Price on Amazon

TF Gear Banshee V2 Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rod


TF Gear Banshee V2 Best Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rod
Following on from the best-selling Banshee (which we recommend as a contender for best carp fishing rod) is the even better follow-up dedicated spod and marker fishing rod, developed with help from the legendary Dave Lane.
Using the latest modern fishing rod building technology, plus the finest finish and fittings available for the price point. 
The Banshee V2 is light, robust, stylish and very powerful, every quality you look for in a spod and marker fishing rod. 
The Banshee V2 spod and marker fishing rod is excellent at this price point.

. Check Price on Amazon

Wychwood Riot Carp Utility Rod


Wychwood Riot Best Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rod

The Wychwood Riot utility carp fishing rod is perfect for any bait delivery and marker work

Great for anyone on a budget or a beginner looking to start carp fishing. The carbon blanks are lightweight and slim, complete with a slick matte finish for a premium look and feel. 

The Wychwood Riot rods are incredible value for money and are a very good candidate for a spod and marker fishing rod.

. Check Price on Amazon

Fox EOS Carp Spod & Marker Fishing Rod


Fox EOS Carp Spod & Marker Fishing Rod
The Fox EOS carp spod and marker fishing rod is built to a very high standard, as you would expect from this big carp brand, without costing a fortune, making these rods very desirable with many carp anglers. 
Perfect for beginner carp fishing or for anyone on a budget
The Fox EOS carp fishing rods are made from carbon meaning they are very light but also incredibly strong and powerful, perfect for spodding or marker work

. Check Price on Amazon

Rod Hutchinson Enduro Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rods


Rod Hutchinson Enduro Carp Spod and Marker Fishing Rods
The carp fishing rods from Rod Hutchinson are superb quality and very powerful. The brand has an ethos where they don’t believe in entry-level gear and that every carp angler should have the highest quality carp equipment
These fishing rods certainly live up to that. Stylish and top performance. 
  • Slim carbon blanks
  • Understated matt finish, EVA butt grip
  • Good value for money
  • Powerful


. Check Price on Amazon

Don’t forget

Spod bomb - The Carp Fishing Floating Spod Bomb

Variety of braid for your marker and spod fishing reel

See you next time!

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