The Best Budget Carp Bite Alarms (Updated)

29 Dec 21


A bite alarm is a key piece of kit when carp fishing and will help indicate when a carp has or is thinking about taking your bait.

In this article, we will recommend the best budget carp bite alarms under £100, or in some case just over. We have added a couple of bite alarm sets just over the top budget as we think they are superb value for money and worth talking about.

best carp alarms 2019


How does a bite alarm work?

A carp fishing bite alarm operates using a sensor that is designed to detect movement in the carp line and will indicate this by producing sound and/or light with some bite alarm sets consisting of a receiver that can pick up this indication from many metres away, allowing the angler to be inside a bivvy and still picking up on the carp taking the bait.

Features of a carp bite alarm

Some form of detection technology which, is the part of the bite alarms that is key to its effectiveness. A couple of examples include a roller wheel or vibration sensing. The budget carp bite alarms tend to use the roller wheel type construction, whereas the more premium carp bite alarms such as Delkims tend to choose a vibration type system.

Different light modes including a variety of colours. This will be the visual indication of the bite alarm and so having a nice bright and vivid colour is important to ensure you see all the takes. Many anglers turn the bite alarm audible noise off and purely use the light indication.

Battery life is an obvious one really. It is horrible when you run out of power and don't have any spares. Many bite alarms now have huge battery life but it is still worth checking.

Different sounds modes including volume and tone. Is there a silent mode? Again, having a clear and loud tone you can hear on the bank is important to ensure you pick up all the bites you get.

Are the bite alarms waterproof? Some of the cheaper carp bite alarms tend to be more splash-proof than waterproof so this is a very important feature to check.

Some carp bite alarms have security features should anyone try and remove your bite alarms without you knowing, a good feature in today's society.

Sensitivity adjustments to cater for different forms of carp fishing

Backdrop indication

Does the bite alarm set contain a wireless receiver? This is something I can't fish without. A wireless receiver that notifies me of any indication on any of my rods. I can be inside my bivvy and still pick up all the indications from my bite alarms.

The longevity of the bite alarms. Usually the more they cost, the longer they last.

Cost as often you will need to purchase at least two bite alarms and possibly three or even four depending on your style of carp fishing.

Is there a mobile app to use in conjunction with the carp bite alarms to provide additional data?

How to choose a budget bite alarm?

Carp bite alarms can be purchased for under £20 which is great but are these products any good?

Like any product, you get what you pay for.

I would recommend a beginner carp angler or someone on a budget not spend any more than say £100 on a complete set of bite alarms. For this kind of money, you can purchase a quality set that will last you for many years. If later on down the line you want to upgrade to say a set of Delkims, you can.

We are going to highlight that for around £100 mark under, and much less, you can get some incredible carp bite alarms packed full of features that will cater for all of your carp fishing needs.

Let's not waste any more time and get started.

1 - New Direction Tackle S9 Bite Alarm Set


New Direction Tackle S9 Best Bite Alarms

The first budget bite alarm presentation set is from New Direction and includes three bite alarms, one mini wireless receiver, one EVA box, six snag bars and app

This set is great value for money and jam-packed with modern features.

A unique remote control that is very simple to operate, complete with a full feature list. Control the functions of the bite alarms via the receiver such as volume, tone and sensitivity from the comfort of your bivvy!

New Direction Bite Alarm Case

A fully featured app with comprehensive features just a tap away

Improved sensitivity from the newest sensors, high-quality cone speakers for great tone, 150m metre range from bite alarm to receiver, custom colours to choose for perfect indication.

Mute mode to allow for adjusting of your carp fishing line

New Direction Bite Alarm

Low power design for incredible battery life.

Waterproof design to handle those rainy conditions.

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2 - Hirisi Tackle Bite Alarm and Swinger Set


Hirisi Tackle Bite Alarm Set Best Bite Alarms

Our second recommendation in the best budget bite alarm category is from Hirisi, who offer a three bite alarm set with swingers for under £30, absolutely crazy value for money and backed up by a great performance!

Volume, tone and sensitivity controls complete with high output speakers

Waterproof design

Blue LED indication

Hirisi Tackle Bite Alarm

These bite alarms are perfect for any beginner carp anglers or anyone on a budget.

Three swingers are also provided to clip onto your carp fishing line. I have spent more a set of swingers than this entire set!

Yes, this set of bite alarms lacks many of the features we mentioned earlier but for this amount of money, they offer basic features to get you fishing.

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3 - Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Set


Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Set Best Bite Alarms

The Sonik SKS bite alarm set is a serious contender at this price point and will always be included in a list of the best budget bite alarms.

I have seen several anglers replace much more expensive carp bite alarms, such as Delkims, with these Sonik SKS bite alarms which show how good they really are.

Priced at just over £100, we had to include these due to the incredible feature list and modern technology.

This carp bite alarm set includes three bite alarms, a receiver and a FREE bivvy light. A great package for the price point.

FREE Sonik Bivvy Light

The set is 100% waterproof and so can be used in rainy conditions with no worries.

Six volume levels plus a silent mode which does come in very handy. I like to fish with a light indication only on high pressured waters.

Diamond shape rollers for accurate detection which again is vital when fishing for wary carp.

These bite alarms have four sensitivity and seven tone settings to choose from to suit any anglers needs.

A dedicated drop back LED indication and tone which is a clever idea to ensure you pick up all bites from the carp. we have all had dropback bites and I know I have missed quite a few of these, well not anymore!

The FREE bivvy light can be synced to the carp bite alarms to show the light colour of each bite alarm, very cool feature.

Overall, a five star set of budget bite alarms that are very reasonably priced and have all the features you could possibly need and more. You have to check these out, simply incredible for the money.

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4 - NGT 2pc Alarm and Receiver Set


NGT 2pc Alarm and Receiver Set Best Bite Alarms

The NGT budget bite alarm and receiver set are priced at a crazy low value of £34.95, seriously how do they manufacture this carp equipment for such a low price!

Variable tone and volume with a wireless range of 200m. Although of course, you should never leave your rods that kind of distance!

Waterproof design to cater for the lovely British weather

The receiver has a vibration feature to indicate when you have a bite.

NGT Bite Alarms

The set comes with 2 wires 4 threads bonding bars to keep your rods firmly secure, which is a nice touch.

Very sensitive bite indication to ensure you pick up on every bite from the carp.

Overall, for the price point, the NGT bite alarm set is superb, full of features with a receiver. What more could you ask for, for under £40?

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5 - TF Gear Reaction Bite Alarm Set with Receiver


TG Gear Reaction Bite Alarm Set Best Bite Alarms

We all know the name TF Gear and they have produced a cracking set of budget bite alarms using the latest digital carp bite alarm technology providing instant bite recognition.

Completely waterproof, TF Gear claims these bite alarms work in all conditions with unsurpassed reliability.

Full of features including volume and tone control, sensitive roller system complete with a powerful wireless signal.

The bite alarms are equipped with high visibility LEDs and extended battery life.

The TF Gear Reaction bite alarms are another example of great value for money and show what you can purchase for not a lot of money.

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6 - Prologic SMX Bite Alarm Set with Receiver


Prologic SMX Bite Alarm Set Best Bite Alarms

Another offering just over the £100 mark that we had to include among the best budget bite alarms. The Prologic SMX bite alarm set is amazing value for money with a few unique features that make them stand out.

Five volume and sensitivity levels with a silent mode, great for when you want to keep the noise levels downs perhaps when fishing a small high pressured water.

Seven different tones to suit any anglers should they want something different to all the other carp anglers at the lake.

The bite alarms come with diamond-shaped rollers which offer improved indication and does seem to be the route many manufacturers are going down.

Completely 100% waterproof to suit all weather conditions.

The Prologic SMX bite alarms come complete with removable snag arms, great for fishing in close and having the need to ensure the rods stay in place when a big carp takes your bait.

Remember the unique feature we mentioned earlier, well the snag arms are also illuminated to provide additional bite indication which is such a cool and practical idea.

The snag arms can also be removed should you not require them, perhaps the lake you are fishing negates the need to use them.

The carp bite alarms also come with a backdrop LED and tone to ensure you do not miss any bites.

The wireless receiver has built-in vibration which is a good feature to have based on my personal experience.

Overall, much like the Sonik SKS budget bite alarms this set of Prologic bite alarms are incredible value for money and offer all the features you will need plus a couple of added bonuses.

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We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for Best Budget Carp Bite Alarms and should you purchase any of these products, you will be confident of a top-quality piece of carp equipment.

See you next time.

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