Best Carp Fishing Bivvy on a Budget

25 Feb 21


A carp fishing bivvy is a must for all serious carp anglers and buying the best carp bivvy for your budget is vital for those overnight sessions.

So the main question is, can you buy a budget carp fishing bivvy that is actually any good? Well in this article we will provide you with our recommendations for the best budget carp bivvies you can buy. In actual fact, we were blown away by the quality of the budget carp bivvies on the market.

We mentioned how important a carp bivvy is, but what exactly should you be looking for when buying a budget carp bivvy?

Levels of Protection

How good is the bivvy at keeping you warm and dry from mother nature? Let's face it, we have had some pretty poor weather recently so this is very important.

All of the best carp bivvies, no matter the cost, should be waterproof which is measured by a thing called the hydrostatic head rating. So what does that actually mean? Put simply, this is how much water the carp bivvy can handle before water starts to get through the material. The hydrostatic head rating is usually in millimetres (mm), something like 10,000mm meaning 10 litres of water is required to penetrate the bivvy material. The higher the hydrostatic head rating the more water the bivvy can take before it gets through, easy really.

You should also look at the joins of the bivvy panels to see if they are taped or sealed. Having these joins taped or sealed offers extra protection from the elements and I feel these areas need it. The joins are naturally weaker by definition so make sure you have a look at the bivvy specification.

Many carp bivvies also have a number of windows so you can keep an eye out from inside. These windows are often placed on the front of the bivvy and if you have a two man setup, another window at the rear or side. These are nice to have but I equally wouldn't miss them.

You could also purchase a second cover for your bivvy for those extra cold winter nights. These covers will incease the hydrostatic head rating, as you would expect, and provide better insulation. If, like many carp anglers, you only night fish during the warmer months, this extra cover may not be required. 

Some bivvies come with increased strength tension bars for those extra windy conditions. Again, you may not require this extra strength depending on the period of the year you fish. 

Size and Dimensions

How much room does the carp bivvy offer? Your bivvy needs to have enough room for you, your bedchair, all of your tackle and perhaps even a second person. Often anglers will only think about how they will fit in the bivvy, however, there is much more space required for all of your carp equipment. The majority of carp bivvies are available in one or two man offerings.

Often, the price is not too dissimlar so you may consider the two man bivvy for that extra room, even if you fish alone. The headroom is also something overlooked when buying a carp bivvy. Many of the carp bivvies on the market have increased this headroom which is a big deal for me at 6ft 4, so try to bear this in mind when making your decision.  


How much effort is required to erect the carp bivvy? Many of us really realish our time on the bank and we don't want to waste any of that precious time messing about putting a bivvy together. Many budget carp bivvies offer very clever and intuitive systems to help in this area. It's not just the expensive carp bivvies that offer technology and innovative features.

How heavy is the complete bivvy? It is hard enough to shift all your carp tackle around the lake, let alone with a big combersome bivvy. Many of our recommendations are made from lightweight material to help you out in this area.


How durable is the carp bivvy? Like the majority of carp equipment, a carp bivvy will take a bit of a battering during its lifetime and so having one that is durable and that will last for years through thick and thin is important. Is the material strong, what about the type of material and how about the construction of the carp bivvy. All of these areas are important to consider.

How easy is the carp bivvy to maintain? You should always try and maintain all of your carp equipment, especially your bivvy. But how easy is it to clean the bivvy? Do you need to take the thing apart?


This is a key one for most of us. We haven't got an endless pot of money for new carp equipment but still want quality products. All of our recommendations are under £160 with the majority of the carp bivvies closer to £100. You will be amazed at what you can buy for not a lot of money.

Our Recommendations

With all that being said, we have made our recommendations for the best carp fishing bivvy on a budget, taking into consideration all of the important factors we just mentioned. We really hope you enjoy our picks.

Quest Stealth MK2 Carp Fishing Bivvy


Our Pick
Quest Stealth Carp Fishing Bivvy


  • This carp fishing bivvy is superb value for money
  • The MKII carp fishing bivvy has increased headroom, is 10cm longer and 5cm wider to give you much more comfort and space with all of your carp fishing equipment 
  • High-Quality material with added treatment to increase the strength and longevity
  • Watertight throughout which is provided by double seals across the entire carp fishing bivvy 
  • Fast pop up design to save time when you arrive at the venue. Complete with four strong and rigid support poles, extra-strong pegs to secure the carp fishing bivvy
  • Very lightweight at 4 kgs
  • Fibreglass frame for excellent strength
  • The bivvy measures in at 230 x 185 x 135cm
  • Complete with circular carry bag measuring in at 80 x 80 x 5cm
  • Perfect for an overnight session, smaller swim or a day shelter.
  • A 12-month guarantee provided by the manufacturer.
  • Five-star reviews

Amazon Customer Review:

At £90 delivered I was expecting a product of average quality. Unpacking proved me wrong as the quality is very good and the test was a 4 day session whereby 2 of the days were spent in torrential rain. I am pleased to report that the bivvy swallowed my bedchair, all equipment and most importantly kept me bone dry. A 5 star product for quality and excellent value for money.
. Check Price on Amazon

Cyprinus 1 Man Mongoose Carp Fishing Bivvy


Runner Up
Cyprinus 1 Man Mongoose Carp Fishing Bivvy


  • Double seals to provide a watertight carp fishing bivvy in the most extreme conditions 
  • Great value at £107.99
  • Easy construction with an aluminium frame 
  • Reinforced support bars to give the carp fishing bivvy superb strength
  • Easy open front door with mesh or clear window
  • Complete with groundsheet, pegs and support poles 
  • Measuring in at 230 d x 140 h x 275 w
  • Lightweight design at 5.9 kgs
  • 12-month manufacturers guarantee
  • One of the top-selling carp fishing bivvies on the market today

Amazon Customer Review:

The wife bought me this as a birthday present and I can say its smashing, really easy to set up and use. I would definitely recommend this bivvy for anyone starting off or who only needs a one-man bivvy. There is plenty of room inside for bed chair and all your bags and camping essentials like the gas stove, cool box, tackle box, etc. 5 star bivvy

TF Gear Scout 2 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy


TF Gear Scout 2 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy


  • Quality build carp fishing bivvy made from Oxford nylon
  • Multiple door options to suit all types of fishing 
  • Large and spacious to fit any size angler complete with their carp fishing equipment
  • Strong construction with re-inforced tension bars and poles 
  • Measuring in at 230 d x 140 h x 260 w
  • Great value for money at £159.99
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Full wind and waterproof design with heavy-duty groundsheet 
  • Pram-hood design for that premium feel 
  • A product that will last for many years

Amazon Customer Review:

This carp fishing bivvy is amazing! Its huge. I have a wide boy bed chair and it fits perfectly along the back. Would recommend to anyone looking for a top class bivvy without the massive price tag.
. Check Price on Amazon

JRC Contact 1 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy


JRC Contact 1 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy


  • A quality carp fishing brand name known for superb carp fishing bivvies
  • Good value at £129.99
  • Practical design with large internal space
  • Simple setup with 2 aluminium rib construction 
  • Double sealed with a re-inforced tension bar and detachable groundsheet to suit all situations 
  • Easy to open front door with mosquito mesh or clean window 
  • Strong Oxford nylon material
  • Complete with heavy-duty pegs and carry bag

Amazon Customer Review:

Very good carp fishing bivvy! Over the years I've spent tons on bivvys and this jrc is right up there as for the price it's great.
. Check Price on Amazon


Ultimately, you can purchase a top-quality carp fishing bivvy that will last you many years without spending a fortune. We have recommended the Quest Stealth MKII carp fishing bivvy as the winner, which offers everything you need for a superb price. This is closely followed by the Cyprinus 1 Man Mongoose Carp fishing Bivvy but as we said all of the carp fishing bivvies detailed in the article are excellent and offer so much for the cost.

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